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There is a significant issue within the NFT space right now—the whitelist meta. With dozens of coveted projects releasing weekly, it’s impossible to allocate time ‘grinding’ conversations in Discord general chats, inviting dozens from your friends list, and completing difficult riddles—all for the chance to give up your hard-earned ETH. Wave Catchers has built a solution to this with our utility token $COCO, giving holders the ability to gain spots on desired whitelists without losing their time in the process.

Tokenomics and Supply

Given the dynamic nature of new projects, we’re keeping the tokenomics element as simple as possible and will be balancing them out actively during the marketplace stage of the project. The aim is to constantly burn or re-circulate $COCO into the ecosystem, depending on the total supply and burn rate at any given time.

  • Each Wave Catcher NFT passively generates 100 $COCO daily.
  • The token accrues passively, without the need to stake your Wave Catcher NFTs.
  • There is no cap on the supply of $COCO.
  • $COCO production is consistent across Wave Catchers NFTs regardless of trait rarities.

Our entire goal with $COCO is to help our holders gain an edge in the NFT space and catch the highest waves during both bull and bear markets.

It is important to note that the Wave Catchers Developers will not hold a supply or treasury of $COCO tokens.

Whitelist Marketplace

$COCO, our utility token, gives you the ability to purchase whitelist spots from the on-chain whitelist marketplace. Whenever a holder ‘purchases’ a whitelist spot from the market, those $COCO tokens are burned in the transaction, creating a deflationary mechanism.

We will not go into costs of whitelists or future utility because this is constantly changing; based on the whitelists we secure, we’ll aim to ensure the $COCO costs are balanced by quantity. Meaning, something with “less quantity” will cost more $COCO to redeem.

All listings live on the Ethereum blockchain and rely on no external databases. We have heavily optimized our contracts, and each ‘purchase’ of a whitelist spot will cost roughly .008 Ether in gas fees@ 100 gwei.

On Liquidity Pools

We will NOT be supplying liquidity, as there are certain legal restrictions for project founders. If someone starts it, we must emphasize that we do not control it. We will not advertise liquidity for the token, as we are constantly integrating new and redesigning existing elements of our ecosystem to accrue value to $COCO.

Collection Details

In total, there are 3334 Wave Catchers consisting of 1663 randomly generated females, 1663 randomly generated males, and eight one-of-one animated pieces.


Stage 1 — Mint

Public Mint and free claims (for OG) go live in a stealth drop. Once the NFT hits your wallet, $COCO begins accruing. No need to stake.

Stage 2 — Whitelist Marketplace

After a 24 hour reveal period, the first on-chain marketplace goes live on our website. Starting on day 1, we will have multiple whitelists available for purchase with $COCO. When a whitelist is purchased, $COCO is burned, creating a deflationary mechanism.

Stage 3 — Alpha Channels + NFT Worlds Development

Creation of the Alpha channels for verified Wave Catchers holders, with multiple calls every day. We will purchase and build out an NFT World, while beginning the development of playable VX Wave Catchers. These will be free to claim for holders.

Stage 4 — Marketplace Extension — User Listings

We will be building an extension to the marketplace where users can create on-chain whitelist listings with their own allocations from other projects. People will be able to swap their whitelist with other Wave Catchers holders for $COCO, further expanding the $COCO economy. The team will also explore L2 solutions to minimize gas fees.

Stage 5 — <REDACTED>

Use $COCO in our P2E by <REDACTED>… have we said too much already?


In building Wave Catchers, we hope to make NFT collecting both a more enjoyable and less time-consuming experience while still giving holders access to the hottest projects available. If you have any other questions, please hop into the Discord.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WaveCatchersNFT

Discord: https://discord.gg/wavecatchers



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Wave Catchers NFT

3334 Wave Catchers grant you exclusive access to a wavy on-chain ecosystem built to improve the NFT collecting experience.