$COCO Marketplace V2 and Updates


!wave. What an incredible first couple of weeks! We’re almost at 600E in volume on Opensea and have delivered over 30 unique whitelist opportunities on the marketplace.

We’re happy to announce that we just deployed the Marketplace V2 Contract, a comprehensive update to our initial marketplace contract.


Below are some of the improvements we have implemented in the new contract.

  • On-chain Discord ID collection — some projects require this step when collecting whitelists.
  • Ability to edit $COCO pricing.
  • A countdown timer on listings. From now on, we will be posting listings 24 hours in advance, and you’ll be able to see exactly when they go live from our website.

Most of all, the raffling system.

This new feature brings a new token sink, burn mechanism, and a layer of gamification to the $COCO ecosystem. Holders will be able to buy tickets, burning $COCO, for a chance to win bluechip NFTs, Wave Catchers, and some coveted whitelist spots.

The raffling system uses Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to select winners, and of course, everything is stored on-chain. Some raffles will be unlimited entries, and others capped to only one entry per wallet.

On day one, Wave Catcher #3328 will be up for raffle, each ticket costing only 20 $COCO.

We’re thrilled to release these new improvements that give more opportunity to smaller holders as we continue to build out our vision for the $COCO ecosystem.

This is only the beginning.




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